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"Eastern Building Cleaners outdid themselves last weekend. They were amazing. They moved stuff, and was so thorough it was jaw dropping. Our floors were so sparkling on Monday they stopped you in your tracks. I actually thought the floor was wet. The cleaners took so much - JUSTIFIABLE- pleasure in my reaction. At the end of the week, I have put a few shoe scuffs on the floor and I was motivated to get down and shine them out" ~ Happy Client


"I just wanted to pass along that Heather and her team did a fantastic job during Encaenia week! The campus looked great, and in particular the SCR, Boardroom and the front lobby floors of the A&A were exceptional and really stood out.  In addition, there were several events this past weekend (Alumni Dinner, Weddings and conferences) and the cleaning team managed to stay on top of everything including their regular duties throughout the campus such as a very busy Alexandra Hall."  ~ Tim Ross, University of Kings

"I echo Tim’s comments.  I was very pleased with the work of the cleaners.  It was very evident how much effort they put into making the campus spotless for one of the most important weeks of the year!" ~ Bonnie Sands, University of Kings


I am writing this letter as a reference for Eastern Building Cleaners. I have used Eastern Building Cleaners at various locations over my past two positions over eight years with two different organizations. While I was the Atlantic Regional Facilities Manager at Canadian Blood Services Eastern was successful in being awarded the tender for the cleaning at The Blood Production Facility in Halifax and then also at the new Production and Distribution facility in Dartmouth, NS. They always did a thorough job and maintained the premises to meet all of the stringent controls of the Quality Control and Health Canada Departments and requirements. We also contracted them to clean the new Collection Facility in Halifax and the Collection Facility in Charlottetown. To my knowledge they are still cleaning these Facilities. Now the Director of Facilities Management at NSCAD I am happy to be working with Eastern Building Cleaners once again at our three Campuses in Halifax, NS. They have been working out quite well and as usual have supplied us with a diligent and pleasant Janitorial staff. The contract has been in place less than six months but is already proving to be a success. I would recommend Eastern Building Cleaners to anyone based on my experiences with the company over the past eight years. - 

Randall Turple, NSCAD University


 "The floors look incredible in 201 and 202! Awesome, what a difference this makes!" 

~ Holly Gillis Nova Scotia Health Authority 


"I am writing this letter to recommend the services of Eastern Building Cleaners to you for all your cleaning needs. I have been using their services for several years now, and I have always been happy with their quality of work. I have found the team to be vey professional, hard working, and trustworthy. They arrive on time for scheduled flights and ready to do a quick but through clean of each aircraft."  ~ Dorothy MacDonald, Air Transat


I am writing to recommend the services of Eastern Building Cleaners Inc. We have been using Eastern to clean our Facility for a long time. Our Halifax facility is the L-3 ESS centre of excellence for systems management solutions and support. It offers a full range of support services, including avionics Optimized Weapon System Support for the CP-140 Aurora fleet as well as a full range of comprehensive Integrated Logistics Support services for air, land and naval programs. We have a 90,000 square foot building here at L-3 Communications that‘s required to be cleaned on a daily basis in order to fulfill our customer needs we need a clean environment. I would highly recommend Eastern Building Cleaners for your company as well. I’ve been impressed with their professionalism and workmanship attitude. They have and continue to do everything that’s expected of them here at our Facility. - L3 Mass

"Eastern Building Cleaners has been responsible for cleaning of a 110,000 Sq ft. complex in downtown Halifax since 2005.  During their employ, they have always been professional, courteous, responsible and punctual and always making themselves readily available should there be any issues"  - Universal Properties 

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